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Looking for condo furniture in Vancouver, British Columbia?  Look no further.  Modsense has arrived and is your smart space furniture leader.

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As pioneers in the small space furniture market, Modsense focus is to continuously offer products designed with the customer in mind. Our products are made specifically to solve your space needs as opposed to scaling down bigger models.

Modsense furniture is designed to work smarter than harder.  Products are designed with the new age of small space living in mind.   Living room furniture is designed with storage in mind and additional sleeping spaces available.   Beds are not only incredible stylish but always have a storage component in mind.   Dining tables are never just a dining table taking up valuable room but rather are smart.   Dining tables start small but transform to provide seating for up to 6 adults.  Occasional tables transform to become dining tables.

Forget everything you know about sofa beds. Modsense has created well made, light weight, minimalistic designs that work for any room or home.

Designed To Fit

Modsense is designed with smart packaging and genius design to manoeuvre into tight spaces and entryways. How? Say goodbye to static sofas and hello to transforming furniture.

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