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Murphy Cabinet Beds

Are you looking for a Murphy bed in Vancouver or any other city in the Greater Vancouver are? Well, you are in the right place. We offer a wide range of Murphy beds or referred to as Murphy Cabinets aka wall beds at wholesale prices along with free shipping to Vancouver and souronding areas like Surrey, Delta, Port Coquitlam, Langley, North Vancouver and everywhere else in the Greater Vancouver area. Our Murphy beds are available in various styles, finishes, and different color options. You can also explore our most popular murphy beds in Vancouver even with storage options. Not only that, but Wholesale Furniture Brokers also provides a financing option on murphy beds and murphy cabinets for customers who wish to purchase furniture online at the best value possible.

All of our modern Murphy beds are carefully designed with great craftsmanship and are manufactured with high-quality eco-friendly wood. To provide customers with a high-quality product, we have invested a significant amount of time in shortlisting our raw material suppliers from the United States. Since solid wood construction ensures strength and durability of the furniture, we imported high-quality certified timber from Alaska. Noticeably our Queen murphy cabinet beds has been awarded as the best Murphy bed ever sold in Canada.

Types of Murphy Beds

Although Murphy beds are very similar to normal beds found in the bedroom or guest room, we can categorize them on the basis of style, size, and folding mechanism. Let us take a close look at different types of Murphy cabinet beds that we offer in Vancouver and area to our customers.


murphy bed style

Based on style, we offer horizontal Murphy beds and low height platform murphy beds. These beds can also be classified on the basis of storage options. Both of the Murphy bed styles come with storage options. You will typically find more than 4 storage drawers underneath or on the side of a murphy bed. The storage drawers have a significant amount of space to accommodate pillows, bedding accessories, blankets etc. Ultimately the storage in murphy beds are an efficient storage solution for the bedroom, living room or guest room.  



murphy bed size

On the basis of size, we offer twin size murphy beds and full-size murphy beds. Typically, a twin murphy bed is a bit cheaper than the standard full-size murphy bed.  With the newest addition of one of our furniture brands, we are now offering king size and queen size murphy beds at wholesale prices online. Please do not forget to buy the same size mattress and bedding sheets for your valuable bed.  



murphy bed mechanism

 Thanks to the hybrid inbuilt foldable mechanism, our Murphy beds are ingenious sleeper solution for the bedroom.  Named after William L. Murphy, Murphy bed mechanism is based on classic spring tension. Since spring stretch tension mechanism seems to fatigue over the period of time, we use an advanced piston mechanism in our modern murphy beds. The piston mechanism uses gas and air pressure to fold the bed easy with less effort. With less fatigue and sagging, our murphy bed mechanism lasts for years.


Murphy Bed Accessories:

As you know every bed needs a mattress and therefore we also carry a large inventory of memory foam mattresses to fulfill this requirement. We also offer a complete bedding package to our customers which is called murphy bedding  kit. This bedding package will help you set up the entire thing in your bedroom. It consists of bedding sheets, pillows, memory foam mattress, quilt, and a nightstand. 

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